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Layout Progress & Recent Posts



Arduino Yard Control Sketch

May 13, 2024
"Speed" Muller came over and helped troubleshoot the Arduino sketch.  Note that the pushbuttons have…

Arduino Yard Control

April 29, 2024
I had to make a few changes in how the panel would be constructed.  Instead…

Gerber Fascia Complete

April 25, 2024
All those dangling blocks of wood with slide switches mounted are now installed for Gerber…

Long Pause

April 20, 2024
It is scary to look at the calendar and blog and realize I have not…

Yard Control with Arduino

January 7, 2024
I now have all my newer T1300 throttles at the expense of the older ones. …

First Time Running!

January 5, 2024
All the throw rods were clipped off that extended too far. I spent a good…

I’m Back – Wiring Gerber Tortoises

January 4, 2024
You may have thought I gave up!  Busy doing other things - trip to California…

Tortoises for Gerber

October 25, 2023
61 Tortoises have been installed in Gerber but not wired.  These came from my previous…

Feeders for Gerber

October 20, 2023
All the feeders have been installed for Gerber using 22-gauge wire.  The red and white…

Redding Track-laying Finished

October 8, 2023
All track in Redding is done.  An additional track was added next to the wall…

Gerber Yard Modifications and Redding

October 5, 2023
I finished installing 6 new switches and moving 2 more for the Gerber yard modifications. …

Gerber Yard Modifications

September 26, 2023
I opened my layout up for the LDSIG during the National NMRA Convention in Dallas…

Back to Work

September 24, 2023
I'm finally back to working on the layout and posting.  A lot of August entailed…

Semi-Finished Scene

August 7, 2023
Labels were temporarily affixed.  The valance has an industry chart.  The finished one will indicate…

Grass and Fascia

August 1, 2023
My spray bottles arrived.  One I used for larger areas in the past was reordered…

Dirt and Gravel

July 25, 2023
A base coat of real dirt was applied using a kitchen strainer.  I had containers…

Phones & DCC

July 24, 2023
I started installing Tortoises in Proberta.  I had hoped to use the same throw wire…


July 16, 2023
The foam hills have been covered with out-of-date medical plaster gauze.  I took a few…

Starting Scenery and Feeders

July 4, 2023
My goal is to have one 35' scene done for Proberta by mid-August.  I started…

Benchwork Finally Complete

June 30, 2023
The benchwork that connect the swing gate at the door was finished today.  That completes…