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Arduino Yard Control

By April 29, 2024Electrical1 min read

April 29, 2024

I had to make a few changes in how the panel would be constructed.  Instead of Lexan, I ordered PET sheets.  the 1/8″ hardboard plus the PET was too thick for the pushbuttons to be installed.  I decided just to use glossy photo paper with no protection.  My previous layout had this on the fascia for 10 years with no wear and tear, so I thought it would be O.K.  The paper was adhered with spray photo Scotch Photo Mount.  Small pilot holes were made from the front, then the hardboard was flipped over on a block of plywood.  By pressing down where I was enlarging the hole with a drill, tearing was prevented.

One of the 2 panels is now complete.  I didn’t want to build the other one until I was sure it was going to work.  This is where the project hit a snag.

A friend helped design the circuit and is writing the script but insists that the buttons need to be moved inward away from the frog.  It felt it would be confusing for operators.  I have posted a survey on-line to get opinions.

I’m also waiting to see if my view of how the script should cause the switches to be thrown aligns with his view.  Now in a wait and see mode.


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