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Yard Control with Arduino

By January 7, 2024April 20th, 2024Electrical1 min read

January 7, 2024

I now have all my newer T1300 throttles at the expense of the older ones.  Seems there is a bad coax cable connection between the extender board and the receiver as that is the only variable not working. GRRR!

I’ve wired all the Gerber Yard tracks to terminal blocks in preparation for the Arduino controls.  A friend, “Speed” Muller, showed me the initial wiring plan from the panel to the Arduino.  I still need a plan from the Arduino to the relays.  At least, I can get started building the panels and wiring them.

Control panel graphics were made using Microsoft Publisher.  They will be sandwiched between 2 sheets of 1/8″ Lexan.

A box has been designed using 3rdPlanit.  I will print them out full size to get the angles on 3/4″ plywood correct.  I use 3rdPlanit for so many things besides layout design.  I even designed a very large porch and patio cover using it including furniture placement.  Same of designing furniture placement in our new home.

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