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About the Layout

New Gerber Sub ~ 1926

The Layout at a Glance

Planning for my second version of the Gerber Sub commenced in February, 2021, once we had made the decision to move from California to Texas.  I decided to only model the valley towns from the previous layout because of my increasing age (75 at the time.)  Having used CAD (3rd PlanIt) made it easy to redesign the previous layout.  It would be a single level with about one-half the main line of the old layout.  Once the design was nearing the end, I designed the building to fit the layout design.

  • 7 Towns
  • 2 Branch lines
  • 260′ Main line not including staging
  • Represents 44 miles of prototype
  • Town sites based on the prototype

Layout Operation

The Gerber Sub is mainly focused on switching, therefore a lot of locals.  There will be some main line scheduled trains based on Southern Pacific Timetable 32 for the division.  JMRI OPS will be used to generate switch-lists as on the previous layout.   An 8 party phone system and fast clocks will be installed as the layout is built.   Eventually TT&TO might be implemented.

Example photos are from previous layout.