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Long Pause

By April 20, 2024Construction1 min read

April 20, 2024

It is scary to look at the calendar and blog and realize I have not done anything on the layout since January 7.  Time was taken out for a couple of trips to visit my mom in CA and another when she passed away at 98.  We also took a month-long trip to visit grandkids in Honolulu for 2 weeks, Kauai to recover for a week, Oregon coast for grandchild, and CA to see relatives.  Returned on March 29.  Lots of yard work and appointments to catch up on.

Finally, back to work on March 17.  Installed fascia in Gerber along with two boxes that will house yard control panels.  Have to drill holes for finger access to slide switches and LED’s.  Waiting for sheet brass to arrive today to make a new drilling template.  The previous one meant butting together 2 pieces of brass that were used on previous layout.

Spent the morning finalizing Arduino control diagrams for the yard.  I’ll post once a friend checks them for accuracy.

I was told it was Dallas’ turn to host a round-robin operating session the first week of November and push to get enough done so my layout can support a few visiting operators.  Great motivation!  Stay tuned.

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