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Controlling Gerber Wye

By June 8, 2024Electrical2 min read

June 8, 2024

The next to the last item to be finished for Gerber is the wye control (last item is building a scale track).  Polarity of the wye is controlled by EasyDCC Zone Master Share with auto-reversing.

I found a rocker switch to throw the switch at the far end of the wye.  It has arrows the light up showing the direction the switch is thrown.  Purchased on Amazon: Waterproof Blue Led Up Down Latching Rocker Switch 10 Pin ON-Off-ON Switch 12V/24V DC Motor Reverse Polarity DPDT 3 Position Way Toggle Switch for Car Boat Marine RV Jack Truck IP66 : Automotive.

Only problem with it was the directions were not very clear.  Trying to get the arrows to light only when the switch is thrown was time-consuming.  I thought I finally had it working and installed it only to find when the rocker is up, the arrow is lit.  The wires are not removeable once installed, so will have to cut them to fix problem.  The LED’s in the arrows are tricky as there is no internal wiring diagram.  I was able to figure a lot out by using a continuity tester.  The photo shows how it should be, but currently the other LED does not light.  Electornics – GRRRR!  Will be great when working correctly.

Also installed 10 Tortoises in Red Bluff, so about 1/3 done with that town.

Off to local division meet so probably won’t do much today.

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