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Arduino Yard Control Working

By May 16, 2024May 31st, 2024Electrical1 min read

May 16, 2024

I’ve been slow in posting so I backdated a couple of entries to show when completed.  I am happy to report that the Arduino yard lead controllers for both the east and west Gerber Yards are installed and operational.  The polarity of some of the frogs had to be changed on the Arduino relays.

I used spray photo adhesive to fasten the photo paper down to the hardboard.  The west side is perfect, unfortunately the east side had a few places the paper lifted.  I’m surprised in that I’ve used it before with no problems and it has held diagrams to the previous layout for over 10 years.  It would be too much work to replace it.  I added some ACC along loose edges.

New hardboard triangle panels were made to allow the faceplate to set against them along with a top plate so all 4 sides are supported and no give when the buttons are pushed.  A door magnet hold the panel in place.

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