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First Time Running!

By January 5, 2024April 20th, 2024Electrical1 min read

January 5, 2024

All the throw rods were clipped off that extended too far.

I spent a good portion of the day installing my EasyDCC equipment.  I am totally wireless and bought the system when they first introduced the TX904 wireless throttle.  I still used them on the previous layout when more than 8 throttles were needed.

It took a little bit of trouble shooting but I got the receiver for the 904’s working and ran a locomotive for the first time on this new layout.  SO EXCITED!

Unfortunately, the second receiver for the newer T1300 throttles is not yet working.  No settings have been changed since my other layout.  I will continue to troubleshoot tomorrow.

The weather was nice today so another 64′ of fascia was painted and will be installed in Gerber soon.

I needed to come up with a wiring diagram for installing a PSX-AR for the turning wye.  My friend back in California, Phill Simpson, helped correct errors in my schematic.  Now I can install it soon.

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