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About the Previous Layout

FIRST GERBER SUB ~ Built between 2010 and 2018

The Layout at a Glance

The layout was built in a 23′ x 59′ interior space in a stand-alone building in Magalia, California, starting January 2010.  Built entirely by owner with my wonderful wife helping lift sections.

Roseville staging, Gerber, Proberta, and Red Bluff were completed in August, 2014, with 3 staging tracks in Cottonwood, and op sessions were started with 4 people.

In November, 2015, closed the layout down to construct the mushroom section, and all track down in November, 2017.  Operations started again with up to 8 operators.  A total of 256 scratch-built code 55 and code 70 switches.

November, 2018 saw the Camp Fire that destroyed much of Paradise and Magalia.  18,000 buildings were destroyed and 83 deaths.  A lot of smoke damage to our surviving home and operations ceased.  In late 2020 we decided to research moving.  The layout went to the dump and we completed our move to Azle, Texas in September 2021.

Layout Operation

Control was wireless Easy DCC with 16 throttles.

JMRI generated switch-lists were used by the crew.  They were generated in real-time.

Fast clocks and an 8-party phone system had been installed for the dispatcher.


Layout Gallery

Early Construction of the Layout

Finished Layout Gallery