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Plywood Base Added

By March 1, 2023April 20th, 2024Construction1 min read

March 1, 2023

A friend came over and we moved all the plywood left from the raised walkway of my old mushroom layout over to the train room.  There was enough to cover about 1/3 of the layout.

Plans of Gerber and Proberta were unrolled on top of the plywood to see where the switches would fall in relation to the joint reinforcements.

Since I used a laser to level the joists, screws will be driven through the plywood directly into the joists.  The benefit of having full size plans is that switch locations are known and no joists will need to be moved in the future.  The fact that they were screwed down into the L-girder would make moving them impossible anyway.

I have to order some Homasote before proceeding with track.

Just a personal note:  We moved from Paradise in northern California.  This is my neighbor’s house in 4.5 feet of snow and no power for 8 days.  I’m happy being near Fort Worth, TX.  Sold my truck with the snow plow.  80 yesterday!

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