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All Prewiring Done

By February 27, 2023Layout Progress1 min read

February 27, 2023

The basic backdrop was completed, and joints painted.

This week I worked on creature comforts, installing a refrigerator, stereo, and dispatcher’s desk.

My friend, John Garfield, came over and we completed all the prewiring which included fast clocks, Cat 6 for phone system and train order boards, 110 for outlets around the room, 3 wire system for Tortoises, and all 8 power district busses.  Still have to hook up all those wires but I did label them for easy identification including the ends and the holes in the joists, so no mistakes are made mixing districts.


  • Greg Rich says:

    No grass growing under your feet! Looks grand!

    • Gary says:

      Thanks, Greg. I hated the idea of starting over at my age, but decided a move to Texas was the best for us. Working as fast as I can. Hoping to have trackwork done by August for the National NMRA in Dallas.

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