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Carpeting Done

By January 20, 2023Layout Progress1 min read

January 19, 2023

Laid out final 45′ long benchwork, attached joists, and finished carpeting.  L-girder is laid out on concrete floor, built, and then rolled up to carpet.

The brown carpet is Milliken Legato I purchased for previous layout to install after benchwork was done and never was used.  I wised up and am installing carpeting before putting up benchwork.  Gained a lot of knowledge from constructing my previous layout (#2.)


  • Charles says:

    Gary, I live in Austin and model the TNO, Austin to Houston, and branch line Austin to Llano in the 1940’s. I’ve seen your name several times in the IO groups chats but had no idea you modeled the SP. A very good friend of mine is Tom Pearson who lives in the Fort Worth area ( moved from Austin several years ago …sadly, as he was my “go-to” for DCC and electricity issues !!! I have my layout in a converted double car garage. ..double deck with a helix, Digitrax DCC. All steam with sound. All brass (old) locos.
    My big problem is getting good operation from my locos. As usual, with old brass, it is a problem.
    Hope I can meet you at our Austin show in May.

    • Gary Ray says:

      Hi Tom,
      I won’t be at the Austin show this year, pushing hard to get ready for the NMRA National in August. Would love to visit Austin sometime after that and see layouts in the area.
      Many of my locos were remotored by my late friend, Dallas Gilbertson. This was before DCC. He put large Sagami motors with flywheels in the tender with a driveshaft to the locomotive that was then filled with lead. They run great. I put non-sound TCS decoders in them and they run great. All were regeared with NWSL gear boxes, except I wish we would have gone with a little lower ratio to allow lower rpm’s.
      I hate electronics and in trying to install Soundtraxx decoders in them, managed to fry 3. After moving to TX, decided to have local hobby shop install some. First try they fried 2 that were new but long out of warranty. Their installer does not like Soundtraxx and will install ESU (Loksound) instead.
      I feel your pain.

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