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Undoing Progress

By June 5, 2023April 20th, 2024Construction1 min read

June 5, 2023

One tries to keep moving forward, but today was a step backwards.  Don Winn visited from San Antonio and commented that he liked the siding in Proberta because the way the ramp took it lower than the main.  I hadn’t planned on doing that in Red Bluff, but decided it was worth the effort.

Existing cork roadbed was removed (30′), new beveled edges installed, and sheetrock mud ramps made.  They get sanded in the morning and mud added where needed.

The siding on the left was left with a raised roadbed because a permanent magnet was installed for uncoupling.  Most of the siding will be hidden by buildings anyway.

I will continue to look at each town site to find where I can differentiate the main by a build-up roadbed.  On my previous layout, all track was at the same level in towns.  It was assumed that the main had been reballasted, so it was a different color.

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