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Semi-Finished Scene

By August 7, 2023Scenery1 min read

August 7, 2023

Labels were temporarily affixed.  The valance has an industry chart.  The finished one will indicate door numbers.

The fascia has arrows at each end of the town indicating the direction and upcoming town.  In the center (usually centered on a station – Proberta did not have one), is the town name along with a whistle signal chart.

Tortoises are used to throw switches.  A slide switch with a bezel keeps the mechanism recessed.  Pushing the switch toward the wall throws the points to the wall, pulling moves points toward fascia.  Lights on the fascia by each mainline switch shows green if aligned for main, red if not.  A bi-directional LED was used.  Siding crossovers are dark unless set to cross then there is an amber light.  There is also an amber light above the phone that indicates the party line is in use.

Also added were clipboard holders for switch-lists, holders for picks, and a drink holder.  Velcro will be applied to hold EasyDCC throttles.

All of these worked well on the previous layout, so I saw no reason to reinvent the wheel.

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