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Grass and Fascia

By August 1, 2023August 5th, 2023Scenery2 min read

August 1, 2023

My spray bottles arrived.  One I used for larger areas in the past was reordered but the construction had changed and the pumps on 3 bottles failed to work.  A beauty shop mister of a different brand than 10 years ago turned out to be perfect. BeautifyBeauties Hair Spray Bottle – Ultra Fine Continuous Water Mister for Hairstyling, Cleaning, Plants, Misting & Skin Care (10 Ounce) : Beauty & Personal Care I paid $13 but just bought a second one for $8.  Far better than any I have used before.

I coated the scenery area with a mist of diluted clear matte ModPodge (3 water/1 with a few drops of dish soap.)  Ground foam was sprinkled on and then sprayed.

Next came 2 mm static grass using a War World Scenics Pro Grass Applicator.  Different areas were selectively sprayed with 2 more different colors.  Then 4 mm and finally 6 mm grass.  The area is over-sprayed before each application and vacuumed after each as soon as it was applied.  A stocking was over the vacuum hose to save grass not fastened down. 

I found the best motion for applying grass was to get as close to the surface as possible and then go up and down, not back and forth.  That pulls the grass upward, especially the 6 mm.  Vacuuming on the hillside also pulled grass vertically.  It is not necessary to put the grounding clip on the surface, just hold it nearby.

I decided not to cover the whole area with real dirt in the future, just in patches and where there was no ballast.

The fascia for Proberta has been installed.  Screws are countersunk and covered with sheetrock mud as are the seams.

Microsoft Publisher was used to generate signage for the town site.  More about this later.

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