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Red Bluff Track Almost Done

By June 9, 2023April 20th, 2024Track1 min read

June 9, 2023

Red Bluff had some industries and a lot of warehouses.  It was the division point at one time before being moved to Gerber.  The turntable had already been removed by 1926.  There was still a sizeable yard.  Look at the track plan to see what was there (Layout – Gary Ray- Southern Pacific Model Layout (

Two-thirds of the track is now laid.  I really miss the DAP Adhesive Caulk that is no longer manufactured.  The regular DAP Alex Clear Caulk allows too much movement for too long when placing track – especially long straight sections.  I’m finding it best to put a little ACC on a few ties when section is straight.  Problem occurred most when doing 9′ sections.

The photo with the curve at the end is facing west, the one with the rolled plans is facing east.

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