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Red Bluff Complete

By June 13, 2023Layout Progress2 min read

June 13, 2023

The basic track installation has been completed for the third town – Red Bluff.  In looking at the dispatcher’s area I decided it would be good to have a programming track connected to the layout.  One of the advantages of using CAD is that different ideas can be explored.  Two alternatives were found.  The one connected to Red Bluff offered the longest length of straight track.  I plan on installing a digital speedometer to assist in programing.

The final set of switches on the east end were comprised of 9 switches that were originally built in sets of two.  All were soldered together to make one set along with a new switch for the programming track.  This seemed like the easiest way to install them, and it worked out great.

I need to find the box that contains my bridge abutments from the previous layout so I can install some bridges.  In the meantime, the curve around the dispatcher’s desk was marked using a paper template to get a general idea.  Then 8′ of hardboard was used to mark the final location.

Next town on the layout is Cottonwood.  The plywood has been cut to size and screwed down along with the next curve connecting Cottonwood to Anderson.  The plan is in place ready to be transferred.  Roadbed installation in Cottonwood will commence tomorrow.  So far, no Tortoises have been installed nor feeders.  All busses are in for Tortoises and for Easy DCC with 9 zones.  I’ve decided to see how much track I can get laid in June and then hook up some of the wiring and do some scenery prior to the NMRA National Convention in August.  Another must do is the last bit of benchwork between the door and staging area.  The race is on!


  • Andy Jackson says:

    Generally most yards are not on raised roadbeds. For modeling purposes use a sheet of cork & put ballast on the tracks. But keep ballast off the top of the ties.

    • Gary Ray says:

      Hi Andy,
      Thanks for looking. I did put down sheet cork for the majority of Gerber Yard. The one area I did not was the engine house leads. I’m thinking of going back and filling in with cork to level the area which means removing the engine house tracks and raising them. Wasn’t happy with that area and your pointing it out helped me make the decision to redo that area. I found it far easier to put down cork roadbed than sheet cork so that is what I did in Red Bluff. Areas between tracks will be filled somewhat but still a slight depression.

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