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Proberta Awaits Track

By March 12, 2023April 20th, 2024Construction2 min read

March 12, 2023

The roll cork for Gerber was not delivered yet, so worked on Proberta instead.  I decided I would go ahead in between doing track laying in the Gerber yard and complete Proberta – photo backdrop, painted track, ballast, landscaping, and buildings.  This should give visitors a little taste of things to come.

The track plan was transferred using a pounce wheel.  A four pack was ordered on Amazon.  The spike ones worked best on the plywood.  Track plan was fairy simple so I did not use a straight edge here.  I will in other places so line does not wander.

A small X was cut in the plan that indicated the throw bars.  The actual switch assemblies were placed on the layout to double check hole location.  A 3/8″ drill should provide enough clearance.  I have to check the Tortoise jig I made to see it that is the correct diameter.  Where cork is laid over hole, they will be redrilled from the underneath.  A 4 foot straight edge from Harbor Freight was a guide for a marker for the long runs.

All cork is down for Proberta.  I used Homasote before, so I’m learning about cork.  Tomorrow I will try sanding a transition slope for the lower siding.  Hopefully it will not tear the cork apart.  Gandy dancers are anxious to lay rail in Proberta ASAP!

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