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Printing Manifests

By November 20, 2022April 20th, 2024Operations1 min read

November 20, 2022

It has been freezing the last couple of days so I didn’t want to be sawing wood outside.

I decided to start modifing my JMRI files from the old layout for the new since 1/2 the layout was almost the same.  My last version was 4.12, so I followed the update directions to 4.20 and then 5.0 with no problem.

Previously I had used Manifest Creator to generate manifests and switch lists.  Dan Foltz had helped me modify its use for A5 (1/2 full sheet) paper.  I decided to take a look at MR SLAM FORMATTER as it was more current and did not require EXCEL.

I found the directions well done and had no problem installing it.  It is very customizable, and I was able to come up with an A5 format that works for me.  I changed the font to Times Roman because it allowed me the most characters on a page.  The MR SLAM are the first 3 imaages, last picture is old MC format.

I still have days of adjusting JMRI OPERATIONS but am off to a great start.  Many thanks to all those who donate their time and skill to make JMRI and related programs function so well…and they are free!

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