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LED Lighting

By November 15, 2022April 20th, 2024Electrical1 min read

November 15, 2022

The last couple of days were spent installing LED light strips (see picture below.)  15 were needed and divided into groups of 5.  Each group had a 30 amp power source, each 16′ strip its own buss.

My layout will be 52″ high, the bottom of the valance 72″, LED’s at 75″;  23″ above the layout.

I measured the light output with a free phone app at a really deep scene.  The edge of the layout measured 600 LUX, 1′ in 475, 2′ in 275, and 3′ against the wall 134.

Since the LED’s are mounted facing directly down, part of their cone of light falls on the back of the valance.  I should have used a paint roller to put on a couple of coats of white before installation.  Lesson learned.  I used a 4″ roller to apply to hanging valance and have to go back with a brush and paint right against their wood support.

This led to a great improvement.  At the layout edge 751 LUX, 1′ in 503, 2′ in 352, and 3′ in 264, almost doubling the illumination at 3′.

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