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Entry Swing Gate

By April 12, 2023April 20th, 2024Construction1 min read

April 12, 2023

Had a great time over Easter with grandkids but little was done on the layout.  However, my swing gate for the entry arrived from Engineered Layout Systems.

Lots of parts bags.  A little intimidating at first.  The construction drawings I was sent did not have all the parts shown.  Assembly was completed after marking on the drawings where each bag of parts would go.  It took about 4 hours.

I decided to spend the money to put in the gate rather than have a lift out or try to build one myself.  I viewed this as a good investment since I would have to use it every day or could just leave it open while working on the layout.

Next up is to build the supports for the gate and complete the benchwork across the door side of the building.

I had to unpack most of my buildings from the previous layout looking for a sanding tower.  Of course, it was in the next to the last box.  Most buildings came through with little damage, mainly smoke stacks.  Some of my corrals will require more rebuilding.  All had been packed with loose, wadded-up paper towels around them.  I transported these boxes myself instead of allowing the movers to take them.

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