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Two More Towns Complete – Pause in Laying Track

By June 29, 2023April 20th, 2024Track1 min read

June 29, 2023

All the trackwork is in for Anderson and Girvan (Towns 5 & 6.)  I still have to do Redding and the 10 staging tracks but am halting track laying to work on electrical and scenery.  I would like to have one completed scene before the National NMRA Convention in August.  Redding is also covered with buildings at the moment which were unpacked after moving.

Bella Vista is represented by a single staging track that interchanges in Anderson.

Keswick is a mining area and will be added over the staging tracks in the future.  Time is needed to run all equipment thru staging to make sure it is bulletproof.

A look at the track plan will show what has been accomplished in an empty building since January, 2023.  Other than help with the lighting and a couple of hours from a friend, I am the sole builder.  My aim is to be ready for operations by January, 2024.


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