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Phones & DCC

By July 24, 2023July 25th, 2023Electrical1 min read

July 24, 2023

I started installing Tortoises in Proberta.  I had hoped to use the same throw wire from the previous layout.  But where there was cork roadbed it was very troublesome and at times impossible.  I am waiting for some .037″ piano wire so I can proceed.

My drilling jig for Tortoises could not be found so made a new one.  However, most of the plywood is soft enough I can just put the screws in without drilling.  I wired in control slide switches and bi-directional LED’s on the main line to make it easier for operators.  Main line needs to always be aligned for green.

EasyDCC equipment installation was started but of course 2 cables could not be found.

The phone system is being wired – eventually all 64 wires from stations will be grouped together.  A work in progress.  I need to make new labels for the control panel because some of the towns no longer exist.

This week the progress was not very glamorous work but needed to be started.

The layout room temperature is kept at a low of 55 and high of 80.  I had two tracks where not enough clearance was left for expansion.  An easy fix and glad it happened before ballasting.

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