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Gerber Yard Modifications

By September 26, 2023April 20th, 2024Operations2 min read

September 26, 2023

I opened my layout up for the LDSIG during the National NMRA Convention in Dallas last month.  One of the visitors was Dave “SilverStreak” Bayless, a friend and retired SP engineer from California.  He was familiar with my previous layout in California and had some suggestions to help with the heavier model traffic compared to the prototype in Gerber Yard.  I had already added one non-prototypical track for arriving and departing trains.

Comparing the before and after diagrams below, crossover B has been moved to the east making room to add C and D crossovers which gives a couple of pocket tracks to allow more flexibility and keeps arriving and departing trains on track 2 from interfering with the drill track.  It also creates 2 pockets for locos, cabooses, or a switcher.

An additional crossover J was added to the west end of the yard.  The caboose track has been moved.

One of the clinics I attended talked about having a drill job to break down arriving trains at one end of the yard and the trim job to pull cars for departing trains at the other end of the yard.  This will be how the yard will operate.

The 3 additional crossovers have been built and are awaiting arrival of Quick Stick ties from Fast Tracks.  All switches are #8’s.  Sets C and D were built as one unit.  I like how the track flows when I do this.  Crossover B was successfully removed for new placement.

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