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Fade the Sky

By May 19, 2023April 20th, 2024Scenery1 min read

May 19, 2023

Today I worked on lightening the sky near the horizon.  My friend, Bill Decker, reminded me of a technique found in Pelle Soeborg’s “Mountain to Desert” soft cover book for Kalmbach Publishing.  It was decided to use 5 colors and not include pure white.  28 ounce containers were cheap at Dollar Tree.  The 3″ rollers were cheapest at Ace Hardware.  The rest of the items came from Amazon.  5 brushes were used, not the 4 in the photo.

Paint and extender was mixed with a drill powered stirrer in each container.

I’m very happy with the results for most of the backdrop.  The last section I did needs some work.  I believe that the blending brushes were getting too loaded with paint or I was just tired.  135′ were painted.  Using the latex paint extender gave me plenty of time and I did 12′ sections at a time.  This meant fewer transitions where each section met.

The 28 ounces of each color will be WAY MORE than the 550′ of backdrop I need to paint.  Overall, this was a great way for a non-artist to paint the sky.

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